Is Launching In

The New Standard for Yarn Crafting

  • Koel Stories: In The Kit - Libby Moore

    In The Kit: Libby Moore

    Libby Moore, an embroider from Australia is best known for her cross stitch portraits and works on plants and flowers. We’re pretty sure you would have seen at least a piece of her on Instagram (she’s @threadfolk!). We sat down for a quick chat with......

  • Koel Stories: The Woven Path - Belinda Evans

    The Woven Path: Belinda Evans

    We were first captivated by Belinda’s take on quality living: a slow and simple life filled with natural, sustainable materials, which then led us to wanting to discover more about her and her obsession with the natural world. A multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for......

  • Knit A Therapy- Flax & Twine: Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillows

    DIY Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillows with Anne Weil

    At KOEL, we want to encourage a lifestyle of making and crafting. We want you to get your hands dirty with projects, and for you to produce works you love and have lovingly made. Dabbling into a life filled with creativity hones in on your......


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